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From this page, you can access the world's top book searching sites and electronic libraries. Use the fields below to enter your search, and you will be taken directly to the page of that search engine. Be sure to bookmark this page, as it contains ALL of the top booksearching tools in one place!
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Arts & Humanities Data Service

The British Library
British Library web pages
10,000 pages on our main website
Catalogue records
13 million items in our collections
Online Gallery images
30,000 treasures
Journal articles
9 million articles from 20,000 journals

The California Digital Library

Please try the Next Generation Melvyl Pilot


Advanced Search Search with WorldCat

Center for Research Libraries

Catalog Search

Digital Library of Georgia

 Delos Search (More info)
 DELOS site  DELOS D-Lib  DELOS sites

Directory of Open Access Journals
The European Library
The European Library is an Internet service that offers access to the resources of 47 European national libraries. The European Library portal offers free searching, and delivers metadata records as well as digital objects: some free, others at cost.
Google Book Search
Google Book Search is a tool from Google that searches the full text of books that Google scans, OCRs, and stores in its digital database. Formerly known as Google Print, up to three results from the Google Book Search index are displayed above search results in the Google Web Search service ( A user may also search just for books at the dedicated Google Book Search service. Google limits the number of viewable pages and attempts to prevent page printing and text copying of material under copyright.
Project Gutenberg
Catalog Search Form
Harvard Digital Library
Harvard has been touting a digital library since 2000, but sadly, it is not worth searching as it is still nowhere near ready for showtime. Here is the link anyway.
Library of Congress Digital Library Project
Michigan Digitization Project
The Michigan Digitization Project is a partnership with Google books to digitize the entire collection of the University of Michigan Library. The digitized collection, called MBooks, is searchable in the University of Michigan library catalog, Mirlyn, as well as in Google Book Search. Full-text of works that are out of copyright or in the public domain are available.
The Million Book Digital Library Project
New York Public Library Digital Collection
The New York Public Library (NYPL) is one of the leading public libraries of the world and is one of America's most significant research libraries. It is one of the largest public library systems in the United States and one of the largest research library systems in the world.
The Open Library
Scanned books only
Oxford Text Archive
Pandora (Australia)
Perseus Project
Tufts University's digital library initiative (humanities). [crash-prone]
You can search the Rapidshare database with a standard Google search. Nothing else seems to work. Click here, then add your a space and your search term to the results and you will find a lot of files with books in them.
Virtual Library

Are there other ways to find books online?

Yes. You can try using BitTorrent. There is also a "Torrent" finder plugin for Firefox that will also search for torrents of books. Then you need a "Bit Torrent" application to downoad the "torrent".